The Best Place to Live to Pay Off Debt in Each State

The best city in every state for paying off debt.After crunching the data from 942 U.S. metro areas, we determined the best place to live to pay off debt in each state.

Getting out of debt is easier when you’re not spending a fortune on housing and transportation, and when you have a job making a decent income, so the metro areas in each state were ranked for:

  • housing costs
  • income
  • unemployment levels
  • and the percentage of people who typically either get to work without a car or who work from home

The rankings are based on the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey (2017 5-year) estimates for median monthly housing costs, median family income in inflation-adjusted dollars, unemployment status, and means of transportation to work.

With that said, here is the best place to live to pay off debt in each state.
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The Secret to Staying Motivated When Getting Out of Debt

The secret to staying motivated while getting out of debtDo you remember the moment when you first decided to get out of debt?

Maybe you’d just plain had enough of the struggle and stress. Maybe you’d just had a child, and wanted financial security for them. Or maybe you realized how much more you could be doing with that money if you weren’t busy paying interest with it.

Whatever the reason, you were motivated. Fired up! Determined to change your life.

But months (or years) later, will you still feel that way about getting out of debt?

Chances are, you won’t. Unless you take advantage of the secret to staying motivated for the long haul when getting out of debt.
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4 Remarkably Simple Ways to Stay Motivated While Paying Off Debt

These simple motivational methods are SO HELPFUL when getting out of debtWould you like to stay motivated for the long haul when paying off debt? All the way until you are debt free?

It’s possible! The key is to recognize, focus on, and celebrate incremental progress along the way.

Literally making your progress visible can help, and I’ve got some tools for you in this article to make it easier to do exactly that.

(Scroll down if you’d like to get a free coloring book printable, in fact.)

Where to start

First, a quick note. It’s way too easy to get caught up in feelings like “ugh, I’m never going to get out of debt.” or “I suck.”  So…don’t do that. I’m serious here. You deserve better.

If you find yourself thinking or saying automatic negative thoughts like those, literally tell yourself to STOP, and then consciously replace them with the truth instead. (This is a psychological thing that absolutely works.)
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