The Hidden Truth Behind Rebates: You Won’t Save Unless You Do This

Rebates can save you a bundle if you were planning to buy the item anyway. Make sure you actually GET your money back with these tips.We’ve probably all been swayed by an appealing rebate. They’re especially common with cell phones and other electronics — and they can save you a bundle if you were going to buy the item anyway.

But there’s a catch: unless you submit the rebate in a timely and accurate manner, that potential savings will evaporate. The truth is, they’re only useful if you use them correctly and claim them.

Here’s how to actually get the rebates that you qualify for.
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Car Repairs vs. Car Payments: When to Repair or Replace a Car

Paying for car repairs can be expensive, but here's something to keep in mind when thinking of getting a new car...Have you ever needed a car repair that cost you hundreds of dollars? Or maybe even a couple of thousand dollars? I sure have. There’s no doubt about it, paying for car repairs is no fun.

Costly repairs can happen pretty easily too, with the prices of parts and labor being what they are. 

It’s frustrating and inconvenient, and it’s even worse if you don’t have the money to pay for what you need. That’s usually the point at which you wish you had a new car. But should you get one?
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These 4 Ideas Will Help You Switch to a Paid-in-Full Holiday This Year

How to have a no-debt Christmas and avoid the gift of holiday debtBreak the cycle of buying on credit for the holidays (and then pay pay paying for it in the New Year) starting now.

It’s not too late to plan ahead for this year. Plus, you’ll be in even better shape when next year rolls around.

Picture giving gifts freely

Wondering what life would be like without holiday debt? Picture giving gifts freely, without emotional angst attached to them. The season will be a whole lot more joyful when you’re not stressed about paying for gift-giving — when you buy gifts that you know you can afford.
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How to Say No Gracefully, For When Saying No is Hard to Do

Easy phrases and ways to say no gracefully, for when saying no is hard to do.I’ve talked before about how saying “no” is a viable option when you’re asked to do something that doesn’t fit your budget.

But for many people, saying no is hard to do — especially if you feel embarrassed about your financial state, or feel socially obligated to say yes.

So how do you say no without stressing out about it?
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