How I Grabbed My Slice of Financial Independence

How I grabbed my slice of financial independenceThe road to Financial Independence, Retire Early (FIRE), is anything but a straight line. It’s more like a really good movie… you’ll laugh, cry, get angry, frustrated, be overjoyed and a host of other strong emotions. At the end, you’ll be left with a sense of true fulfillment. So much so, you may even cry tears of joy…or maybe that was just me. Lol.

Starting on the Road to Financial Independence

I started on the road to FIRE back in 2009. Back then I was separated with two young kids, 3 ½ & 5. By the end of the year, the divorce was finalized. I walked away with the kids, the house and over $254,000 of marital debt. The debt was broken down into two buckets: ~$122,000 home loan and ~$132,000 on a HELOC. We didn’t have any other kind of debt.

When I look back, I don’t think it really sunk in…all that debt. After all, I had a temp job that might turn permanent (it never did). I thought I could find other employment, grow my career and make more money. That didn’t happen either – at least not for many years.
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