Rover Dog Walking: I Made an Extra $399.52 in a Single Month

Making Extra Money with RoverIf you’re looking for a sweet side gig, doing Rover dog walking for money might be a great option. (Especially if you’re looking for ways to bring in a little extra cash so you can get out of debt faster.)

Rover is an app that makes dog walking and pet sitting super easy. (Or even doing doggy daycare or boarding in your home.) And if you ask me, it’s the best dog walking app to make money.

I decided to try out Rover dog walking myself so I could report back here on what it’s like. (Since I often recommend walking dogs as a way to make extra money.)

If you’re wondering, I didn’t get paid to check out the app, and they don’t even know I’m writing this review.

But! If you use my referral link to get started with them I should get a gift card. (And it looks like you’ll get $20.)

So with that out of the way, here’s what I learned in the process.

Let’s start with what everyone wants to know.
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How to Identify and Avoid Make Money Scams So You Aren’t Taken In

Make money scams are more common than you might think.

Whether you want to admit it or not, we’d all love to make more money without a lot of work. That’s a problem. Because chances are someone will promise you ways to do so with little investment of time or effort, sometimes overnight.

Make money scams vs. real opportunities

It can be hard to separate out scams from the true opportunities. (Ones where you might actually be able to make money from home or a little extra cash in your spare time.)

Here are a few tips to help you identify potential make-money scams and avoid being deceived.

Watch out for anything that claims you’ll make money overnight.

If any program says you can start making thousands of dollars as soon as you sign-up for their service and pay a membership fee, it’s probably too good to be true.

While some people truly are in the right place at the right time, it doesn’t usually work that way. Fortunes take years to accumulate, and they involve hard work and consistent saving. For example, you need to spend time building a website, attracting buyers, or hosting events to sell products or services.
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7 Things You Can Sell For Extra Cash When You’re Getting Out of Debt

Wondering what to sell for quick cash? Try turning unused items into money.Getting out of debt often means coming up with extra cash. Here are 7 things you can sell for extra cash — cash that can bring you that much closer to being debt free!

1. Books, old cell phones, and movies.

These are all highly portable and easy to mail, which means that they’re also relatively easy to sell and make extra cash from, even to people outside of your own area.

2. “Big boy” toys.

These are things like ATVs, dirt bikes, boats, and campers, along with extra cars, trucks, and motorcycles. Recreational vehicles are great when you have the time and money to enjoy them, but a drain on your finances when you don’t. Eliminate the drain (extra insurance, maintenance, repairs, and gas) while you bring in some extra cash at the same time.
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