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Welcome! Have you heard the line that says you’ll always have debt? It’s not true. My husband and I have paid off over $147,000, and the debt free life is awesome. You can live that life too!

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Getting out of debt is really about changing your mindset, and that’s a gradual (but completely doable!) process. We started by paying off our credit cards, and then moved on to other debts after that.

Here’s our manifesto:

We don’t need debt to get ahead. We can stand on our own two feet. We’re capable, hardworking, and smart. When an emergency happens, we’ll rely on money and our own resourcefulness to take care of things. We won’t turn to debt in desperation, or at the first little hiccup life hands us. We’re breaking free of the debt myth.

Join in and change your life for good — while helping other like-minded folks who are doing the same. Not sure where to start? Sign up for my free course right here:

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What you’ll find on JackieBeck.com

In addition to tutorials and information about Pay Off Debt, you’ll find articles that focus on money-related topics that touch us all. You know, things like building an emergency fund, saving for the future, budgeting, and of course getting out of debt!

Here are some of the best articles if you’d like to check them out:

What you won’t find…

Real quick, let me tell what this site is NOT about. You won’t find a bunch of sales pitches trying to convince you to refinance your debt or pay for credit monitoring services. I found those things to be bad for my primary goal of getting out of debt, so I definitely wouldn’t want to encourage you in those directions. (If you ever see an ad here encouraging that, please click the little report ad link to report it!)

Want to reach me?

I’m here to support you as you get out of debt and change your life, and I hope you’ll support each other too.

Please use the information on my Contact page if you’d like to reach me directly for any reason. (I am available for speaking engagements and for media interviews.)


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