It’s Time to Share Your Why

It's time to share your why (and enter to win $25) #DebtIsNotForeverWhy do you want to be debt free? Discovering the reason might be more important than you think.

That’s because keeping your reason front and center will make it easier to stick with your get-out-of-debt plan for the long haul. (You know, until you’re DONE.)

And the more important your why is to you personally, the more likely you are to stay on the path to debt freedom.

Actually picturing your why (and placing the picture somewhere you can see it daily) serves as a reminder to do what it takes to get what matters most.

So what’s your why?

Do you want to travel the world? Give your kids a better life? Have more fun? Finally be able to make ends meet or invest? Buy an awesome sports car? All reasons work!

My “why” was FREEDOM — the freedom to spend time with my family and to see more of this amazing world. (Like going to Antarctica.)

It’s also good to reward yourself along the way. For example, maybe you’ll treat yourself to a (paid for) weekend away somewhere when you get a hefty credit card paid off. So picture a few of those kinds of things too — whatever will keep you motivated.

So let’s see it!

Take a photo of something that shows YOUR reason for getting out of debt. That could be a photo of something that represents freedom, your family, your future, the car you’re paying off so you can drive debt-free, or whatever resonates with you.

It’s your life, and your choice to become debt free. Why do YOU want to do so?

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