Pay Less, Have More Money

Want to pay less for things than you otherwise might, and have more money available for the
things you want to do?

Then get out of debt, and stay out of debt.


Things costs more

You wouldn't pay MORE on purpose, would you?When you’re in debt, you pay more. Imagine a store with a big sign out front that says, “Pay Up to 35% More!”

Would you be stopping in to shop?

I doubt it, but that’s exactly what happens when you use debt to buy the things you want. It’s just not as apparent, because the price shown for the item or experience is not the real price you end up paying.

Extra costs get tacked on

If the extra costs that get tacked on when using debt were somehow shown right up front so that you had to see what you were actually paying, I suspect people would be less likely to “take advantage” of debt.

Imagine having the choice of buying an item for $20, or buying the exact same item for $27. The $20 would be a no-brainer, right?

You’d realize you could pay less for the things you want to buy. Sometimes even a lot less.

Other impacts

Of course, when you pay more than you need to for the things you buy, the result is that you have less money available for other things.

There’s a reason people who spend money on things they can’t really afford talk about never having any money. They don’t, because they’re spending more than they realize, and the extra amount is all going to credit cards, car loans, and other debts.

The benefits of NOT using debt

Spend money that’s really yours instead, and other benefits emerge. You’ll enjoy what you’re buying and doing a whole lot more than you enjoy making payments and paying interest on debt.

You’ll also be able to really get ahead, because you’ll have more money available.

It’s amazing how much better guilt and stress-free spending feels.

So go ahead. Pay less, and have more money.

One thought on “Pay Less, Have More Money

  1. It’s so true! We often buy something on credit, then forget about it and pay 10-35% more for it. This is anti-savings at its best. Pay with cash and get a discount every time.

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