The 30 Day No-Fail Money Challenge

Eye-opening 30-day challenge to get a handle on what you want from your money and start getting out of debt.
If I had to name one thing that set me on the path to where I am today (completely debt free, including our house) it would be this: I started actually paying attention to my money.

Not because I thought I “should” be paying attention, but because I had this dream of freedom.

I imagined a day when I wouldn’t have to work at a job if I didn’t want to. A day where I had the money to spend time with family, travel, and help others on a regular basis.

Where I could do the things that truly mattered to me, instead of feeling trapped by my past choices and all the money I owed.

And then I got there.

It all started with that one little thing: paying attention.

So I want to challenge you and your friends to do the same.

I’ll be kicking off the 30 Day No-Fail Money Challenge on the first of the month. During the challenge, you’ll receive weekly emails with specific no-fail actions you can take.

So are you in?

Sign up right here:

2 thoughts on “The 30 Day No-Fail Money Challenge

  1. Jackie,
    Everything you said about why you wanted to be debt free is exactly why I want to be free. Helping people in need and traveling are two things that really motivate me to get out of debt. Love your blog!

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