The Best Home Budgeting Software and Budgeting Tools for Your Life

The best home budgeting softwareThe best home budgeting software and budgeting tools can help you track spending and monitor your goal progress. There are many free and premium apps out there that cater to (almost) any budget style.

They’re especially useful if you need help making a spending plan or figuring out how best to save for a large purchase. (Most of us are great at making goals like those, but need help starting a new routine and following through.)

Maybe you’re not sure if you like spreadsheets, money envelopes, or a basic spending comparison tool more. Those are all types of home budgeting software that can can help you manage your money better.

(Note: Any prices are accurate as of the original publication date, but always check for current pricing as they may change.)

With that said, here’s a list of some of the best home budgeting software to choose from.
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Julie has a $92,000 a Year Household Income. She’s Frustrated.

When you make a good income but can't get aheadWhat happens if you make a good income but can’t get ahead? (Or even fall further and further behind each month?)

Andy from Marriage Kids and Money recently discussed a question of the month from Julie that covered exactly that. She and her husband make a good income, but can’t get ahead. And she is clearly frustrated — both with the personal finance world and the current economy.

You can read her full question & Andy’s response here (and listen to the podcast) but I’m going to pull a few things from the question to respond to here. Because I have a lot to add.

Fair warning: there’s some tough love coming in this post. But I’ve also got some specific ideas that could help, plus food for thought in general.
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Genius Way to Budget that Anyone Can Do with this Simple Template

This easy-to-use zero based budgeting template you can fill out on your computer makes budgeting so much easier!Ready for a cool budgeting tool? Meet the zero based budgeting template!

(I sometimes call it a reality-based budget too, because it helps you manage your money in a way that actually works in the real world. Getting real in a nice way!)

You can get your copy of the printable zero based budgeting form here for free later on in this article. But first I want to talk a little bit about how to budget and — more importantly — why budgeting can change your finances for the better.

(Click here if you already know how zero based budgeting works and just want to jump straight to where you can get the form.)

Let’s start with this: What IS zero based budgeting anyway?

If you’re not already familiar with the term, a zero-based budget is where you account for all of your money each month. The idea is to plan out where your money will go, so that it goes where you want it to.
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How to Save Money by Spending Money on Yourself (No, Really)

This is a post from Charlie Johnson, an online entrepreneur who paid off $25,000 of debt in four months doing things his friends thought were nuts. (Go Charlie!)

How to save money by spending on yourself. Really!I know this sounds strange.

How can you save money by spending money? If you’re rolling your eyes right now or you think this is a joke – I don’t blame you.

But if you move on before reading this post, you’ll miss out on a POWERFUL method for saving money. I should know.

I used this method to pay off $25,000 of credit card debt in four months.

In order to do this right, you need to understand how spending and saving impact your debt freedom journey.

Let me explain…
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