Could You Be Making This Common Credit Card Mistake?

Avoid this trap! One of the most common credit card mistakes...Did you know that getting a credit card for emergencies is one of the most common credit card mistakes you can make?

Sadly, I found that out the hard way, leaving me frustrated and discouraged.

Here’s what happened — plus what you can do to avoid falling into the same trap.

(Or to escape that trap quickly and fix things if you’ve already fallen in.)

How it started: Making one of those common credit card mistakes…

Shortly after my first husband and I got married, we got a credit card to use “strictly for emergencies”. We were really clear on that up front, and believed that having the card would also benefit us by building credit. We felt a little bit nervous, but also smart.

The problem was – or so I thought – that we kept having emergencies.

One of us “had” to fly out of state for a funeral. Twice. We also “had” to replace the clutch and the brakes on my lemon of a car. Three or four times!

So of course, we used the emergency credit card to do so. That’s what it was for, right? There was just one huge problem…
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Debt Snowball vs Debt Avalanche

Is it better to use the debt snowball vs debt avalanche to get out of debt?You’re ready to pay off debt, but what’s the best way to go about it? Should you use the debt snowball method or the debt avalanche?

Spoiler alert:

If you’ve been in debt for a long time and want to get out of debt for good, the debt snowball is highly likely to be best. (I’ll go into why later.)

But there’s more to it than that, so read on for details, especially if “but won’t I pay more interest if I use a debt snowball instead of a debt avalanche?” just popped into your head.
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11 Apps to Help You Find Great Deals on Everyday Items


Here is a list of resources that I use for blogging, business, and money. Some of these are affiliate links, which means I’ll earn a commission if you click on those particular links and then buy something through them. (There’s no extra charge to you, though.) If you do choose to buy through any of my affiliate links, thank you! I appreciate it.

11 apps to help you find great deals on everyday itemsWe all look for ways to find great deals on everyday items. After all, nobody wants to pay full price when an app can help you find a discount. The next time you get ready to shop, why not try out some of these apps to save you a few dollars on items you will be purchasing anyway?

1. Ibotta

Ibotta lets you save money grocery shopping and also at retail, convenience stores, pharmacies, and restaurants. To start saving money, you need to activate the digital offers before you shop. You will receive the rebates once you send a copy of your receipt or link your store loyalty card to Ibotta. Sign up right here and start saving today!

You can even get cash back on online purchases at Amazon when you shop through Ibotta. Once your balance is $20, you can withdraw your cash rewards by PayPal, Venmo, bank account, or gift card.

2. The Amazon App

Downloading The Amazon App can help you find savings on the go. This app is just the mobile version of the online behemoth, but, it syncs with your wish lists and shopping history and can easily tell you when you can buy an item for less on Amazon than your local retail store. The Amazon App is free to use.

3. Coupon Sherpa

Coupon Sherpa is another digital coupon site that helps you spot savings from a computer or your phone. When you load the app, you can browse savings by store. Or, Coupon Sherpa will show you savings opportunities by showing the offers first that are closest to your current location. When you are ready to checkout, show the digital coupon to the cashier and you will instantly receive the discount.
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Paying Off Debt? Make Your Progress Visible

Free coloring book printable to help stay motivated while paying off debt!Would you like to stay motivated for the long haul when paying off debt? All the way until you are debt free?

It’s possible! The key is to recognize, focus on, and celebrate incremental progress along the way.

Literally making your progress visible can help, and I’ve got some tools for you in this article to make it easier to do exactly that.

Where to start

First, a quick note. It’s way too easy to get caught up in feelings like “ugh, I’m never going to get out of debt.” or “I suck.”  So…don’t do that. I’m serious here. You deserve better.

If you find yourself thinking or saying automatic negative thoughts like those, literally tell yourself to STOP, and then consciously replace them with the truth instead. (This is a psychological thing that absolutely works.)
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