What’s My Stimulus Check Status? How to Make Sure You Get Your Check

How to make sure you'll get your stimulus check; check labeled United States Treasury and stack of $100 billsAccording to the IRS, getting your stimulus check (also known as an Economic Impact Payment) will happen automatically for most taxpayers.

So what does that mean? How do you know if you’re part of that “most taxpayers” group, and when might you get your stimulus check?

Plus, what steps should you take to get your stimulus check if you didn’t file or didn’t get a refund?

Let’s go over the answers to those common questions now.
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Why a Legacy Binder Can Make All the Difference

Why every family needs an legacy binder in case of emergencyI remember it like yesterday. Mom was sick. I took her to the hospital again, thinking she just needed more fluids like the last couple of times. Instead, they admitted her.

Just a few days before that, she’d been working in her real estate business, going out to eat with friends, and golfing. But that trip to the hospital turned out to be the last time she was really able to do much of anything on her own.

Several months later, she died. Of course I knew she had cancer, but I didn’t want to believe it would be fatal. Even though the type she had almost always is. I just couldn’t face that it was really going to happen.
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11 Things to Do When You’ve Lost Your Job

11 things to do when you've lost your jobThere’s no doubt about it: it sucks when you’ve lost your job. Job loss is stressful under normal times, and even more so with everything going on right now. We’re living in some unusual times, to say the least.

So what can you do when you lose your job?

First, whether or not you have emergency savings to fall back on, tuck these scary feelings away for the future. Because you can use them later to completely change your life for the better. (Long term unemployment was what got me off the path of debt to a very positive place. I used how I felt during that time as motivation to do everything I could to never be in that position again.)

I won’t lie to you: Dealing with job loss is going to be hard. But you can get through it.

Meanwhile, what can you do in the short term if you’re in the US? Here are 11 things to look at doing when you’ve lost your job.
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