Julie has a $92,000 a Year Household Income. She’s Frustrated.

Falling behind on $92K a yearWhat happens if you make a good income but can’t get ahead? (Or even fall further and further behind each month?)

Andy from Marriage Kids and Money recently discussed a question of the month from Julie that covered exactly that. She and her husband make a good income, but can’t get ahead. And she is clearly frustrated — both with the personal finance world and the current economy.

You can read her full question & Andy’s response here (and listen to the podcast) but I’m going to pull a few things from the question to respond to here. Because I have a lot to add.

Fair warning: there’s some tough love coming in this post. But I’ve also got some specific ideas that could help, plus food for thought in general.
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The Best Place to Live to Pay Off Debt in Each State

The best city in every state for paying off debt.After crunching the data from 942 U.S. metro areas, we determined the best place to live to pay off debt in each state.

Getting out of debt is easier when you’re not spending a fortune on housing and transportation, and when you have a job making a decent income, so the metro areas in each state were ranked for:

  • housing costs
  • income
  • unemployment levels
  • and the percentage of people who typically either get to work without a car or who work from home

The rankings are based on the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey (2017 5-year) estimates for median monthly housing costs, median family income in inflation-adjusted dollars, unemployment status, and means of transportation to work.

With that said, here is the best place to live to pay off debt in each state.
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How to Overcome a Spending Problem

How to overcome a spending problemDo you have a spending problem? I do. The thing is, it’s not always easy to recognize a spending problem. Some of us have one and don’t even realize it.

That’s because being human means that it’s hard for us to see our own issues — even if they’re things that might be obvious to an outsider.

So before we get into possible ways to overcome a spending problem, let’s talk about how to identify one.

Keep in mind that having a spending problem is not necessarily the same as having compulsive shopping disorder or a spending addiction.

It’s broader than that. The good news is, it doesn’t have to stop you from getting out of debt or reaching your financial goals.
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