Coloring Pages & Debt Tracker Printables to Keep You Motivated

Free debt tracker coloring pages to keep you motivatedLooking for debt payoff coloring pages and debt tracker printables? We’ve got some great ones for you below. (And they’re all free.)

How these motivate you to reach your debt freedom goals

Debt coloring pages, charts, and debt trackers are about creating a visual of the progress you’re making on reducing your debt. You color in a little bit at a time as you chip away at it. I’ve seen everything from thermometers to some beautiful designs that get colored in over time.

It’s basically coloring your way out of debt :)
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How Collections Accounts Can Affect Your Credit (And What You Can Do)

What you can do about collections; jar of coins spilled over medical billIn this article, we’ll go over everything you might want to know about collections accounts — especially if you’re aiming for debt freedom.

Let’s start with a quick definition, and then answer many of the common questions.

What Are Collections Accounts?

Collections accounts are past-due debts that got sent to a third party to collect. This third party (usually a collection agency) then continues to try to get you to repay all or part of what you owe. These debt collectors must follow the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. You can file a complaint or even sue them if they don’t.
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The 800 Credit Score Club: 4 Tricks to Quickly Increase Your FICO Score

Your roadmap to the 800 credit score club; pushpin on mapAccording to FICO, as of April 2019 only 22.3% of Americans had a credit score over 800. So the 800 credit score club (the group of people with a FICO score between 800 and 850) doesn’t have that many members.

In fact, if you have a FICO score of 800 or higher, your score is in the excellent range. With a score like that you are likely a low risk borrower, and you will normally qualify for lower interest rates.

If you do borrow money, that matters.
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The most flexible debt payoff managerThere are several ways to craft your debt payment strategy. As you’ll see in this review, using a debt payment manager like can be one of your best options for several reasons.

Among other things, you can save time while accurately tracking your accounts and progress. The key takeaway upfront is this: If you’re ready to get serious about paying off debt, is worth using.

Let’s go over it in more detail to show why.
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