Get a Debt Mindset Reset in Just 15 Minutes a Day

By Jackie Beck   Updated 05/13/2021 at 8:27 am

Are you ready for a Debt Mindset ResetTM?

Anyone can tell you how to get out of debt. It’s like dieting: the steps themselves are simple, but it’s the sticking with it that’s difficult.

But if you want to get out of debt and stay out of debt, what you need first is a debt mindset reset.

Here’s your chance to get just that via a (FREE!) 7-day email course.

The free Debt Mindset Reset email course will make you aware of the areas where the debt has become pervasive in your life without you even realizing it.

Of course you already know you have debt, but chances are you don’t realize how much it’s affecting your thinking.

More importantly, the course will help you find a way to change that. It will take about 15 minutes a day —
15 minutes a day that could completely change your life.

Because when you change the way you think, you can change the way you act. And when you change the way you act, you start making actual progress.

Here’s what one student had to say after taking the Debt Mindset Reset course:

“The Debt Mindset Reset has really motivated me. Even after attending Financial Peace University, thanks to YOUR blog I am finally DOING something about it, I am moving in the right direction!” -Sherrie

As part of your Debt Mindset Reset, you will:

  • Find your Freedom Number. (That’s how much EXTRA you’ll have every month when you’re debt free.)
  • Arm yourself against challenges you might encounter along the way to debt freedom.
  • Get a little perspective (and some good news.)
  • Identify the most pressing thing for you, so you’ll know where to focus.
  • Get the steps I used to pay off over $147,000 in debt.
  • And more…

Put simply, changing the way you think about debt makes it easier to get OUT.

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Ready to get out of debt?

It all starts with a Debt Mindset Reset.

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Why changing your debt mindset is critical

If you want to become debt free, changing the way you look at debt is critical. It’s perfectly normal for permanent mindset changes to take some time, but once they do, you’ll probably see your progress shoot forward. (By taking this course, you’ll get a huge jump-start on the process.)

Most people in the U.S. start out thinking of debt as normal. They’ll say things like “Oh, I’ll always have a car payment” or “Have you applied for your student loan yet?”.

Does that sound familiar? The typical way of thinking is that you need to borrow if you want to buy things. Because most people think that way, it never occurs to them that there’s another way.

But it doesn’t have to be like that at all. It’s totally possible to use money you already have to buy the things you want. (You can get those things cheaper, too!)

Let’s talk next about the changes people typically go through as they move from “Debt is normal” to “Who needs debt!”

Those who start down the path of debt freedom experience a gradual mindset change

This mindset progression often starts by categorizing debt as either “good debt” or “bad debt”. The thinking there is that one type of debt is ok, and the other isn’t. (In reality, all debt is risky, not good or bad. Risk matters a lot, so remember that.)

Next comes making progress on paying off a debt. It’s AWESOME to pay off debt. Any debt. You’re on the path toward debt freedom, and that IS reason to celebrate. Enjoy the feeling!

Paying off a debt is is often followed by statements like “I’m debt free! Except for my car loan, my student loan, my mortgage, and my HELOC. But everybody has that.”

Gradually, you realize that debt is debt, no matter how you label it. And that not everybody has it.

Finally comes the realization that it IS possible to get completely out of debt and still own the typical house, car, etc.

At that point, some people decide to become completely debt free. Others prefer to keep, say, a mortgage. But once you can correctly label owing ANY money to ANYONE as debt, you can make the decisions YOU want to make with your money.

You know that debt freedom is possible. And that makes all the difference.

When you change the way you think, you change the things you do

Why does how you think about debt matter? Put simply, when you change the way you think, you change the things you do. You do things differently, and get different results.

No more figuring out how you can “afford” something. (Meaning calculating how you might be able to make monthly payments over time assuming everything goes perfectly.) No more paying extra in interest for the things you buy.

Instead, you easily save up for what you want. Then you buy it without a bunch of stress, while paying less in the process.

It all starts with a mindset change about debt

Possible starts in your mind, and only then turns to action. That’s why mindset matters. To change your debt mindset, start questioning the norm and the way you’ve “always” done things. Then focus on the things that will make a difference to your finances (and your life.)

There are alternatives, and you can take them — starting right now.

Ready to get out of debt?

It all starts with a Debt Mindset Reset.

Enter your email now to take the (free!) 7-day email course. (You'll also get useful tips and ideas each week to help you stay motivated!)

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Are you ready for a debt mindset reset? No need to struggle with debt for years. This free course is REALLY motivating!