Ready to get out of debt (without putting your life on hold?)

Ready to get out of debt (without putting your life on hold?)

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Get out of debt. Have fun along the way!

I'm glad you're here! My husband and I paid off over $147,000 in debt (including our house)! I've walked the walk to become completely debt free, and I want to help YOU do the same with my award-winning Pay Off Debt by Jackie Beck app (as featured in Oprah Magazine.)

-Jackie Beck

Debt is NOT forever

You might hear people say that you’ll “always have debt”. I automatically bought into that notion myself, believing I had to borrow money for emergencies and to pay for big ticket items. Turns out, that common idea is just not true. It's a myth.

After paying off over $147,000 in debt, I know that you CAN break free of debt’s grip and live the life you love. You can pay for the things you want and need with money you already have, and save a bundle in the process.

You know what else? You don't have to live some kind of uber-frugal life to pay off debt, either. It's totally possible (if sometimes a little slower!) to travel, spend time with family and friends at events, buy nice clothes, drive a car you enjoy, and generally live a good life WHILE you're getting out of debt.

I know, because that's exactly what my husband and I did. (While dealing with typical life issues like layoffs and emergencies along the way.)

How is it possible? By changing your habits and actions, and only spending money you already have.

It all starts with your mindset.

Get a Debt Mindset Reset

Ready to get out of debt?

It all starts with a Debt Mindset Reset.

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