6 Figure Jobs Without a Degree

By Jackie Beck   Updated 06/24/2022 at 2:55 pm

You don’t have to have a degree to make good money. (A high school diploma or GED definitely helps though!) So if you’re looking for 6 figure jobs without a degree, this list can give you some ideas.

Here are 50 Potential 6-Figure Jobs Without a Degree

While salaries definitely vary, these types of jobs all have great potential for high earnings without a degree.

  1. Agronomist
  2. Air traffic controller
  3. AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner
  4. Bartender
  5. Brand manager
  6. Business analyst
  7. Business operations director
  8. Construction superintendent
  9. Consumer products licensing
  10. Court reporter
  11. Data scientist
  12. Digital marketing
  13. Electrician
  14. Epic certified systems analyst
  15. Escrow officer
  16. Executive assistant
  17. Financial advisor
  18. Firefighter
  19. Freelance writer
  20. Graphic designer
  21. Hairstylist
  22. Health insurance broker
  23. Incident response analyst
  24. Instructional designer
  25. IT strategist
  26. Key craft service person
  27. Life insurance agent
  28. Long haul trucker
  29. Mortgage loan originator
  30. Mortgage underwriter
  31. Nanny
  32. Paralegal
  33. Photographer
  34. Police officer
  35. Producer
  36. Project manager
  37. Property manager
  38. Public speaker (sometimes)
  39. Real estate broker
  40. Realtor
  41. Recruiter
  42. Retail manager
  43. Sales careers (inside sales, outside sales, business to business, retail sales like car salesperson, etc)
  44. Salesforce administrator/developer
  45. Software developer
  46. Talent acquisition partner
  47. Technical writer
  48. TV scriptwriter
  49. UI/UX designer
  50. UPS driver

You may need to get certified or pass licensing exams for some of these jobs. Some let you start at entry level with no experience, and then work your way up to a higher salary. Sometimes you can get experience by going through a bootcamp or apprenticing.

Keep in mind that the amount you will earn can vary by:

  • location (high cost of living vs low cost of living)
  • how much experience you have
  • the current job market
  • the company you’re looking to work for
  • any certifications you may have
  • how much job hopping you’re willing to do to get faster salary increases
  • etc.

Some companies may still state that they require a degree for jobs that don’t truly need them. You may be able to get a job there anyway if you have enough experience, a foot in the door, or examples of your work to show them.

Hopefully this list of 6 figure jobs without a degree can help spark some ideas! Are there any you would add to the list?

6-figure jobs without a degree

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