7 Things You Can Sell For Extra Cash

Wondering what to sell for quick cash? Try turning unused items into money.Getting out of debt often means coming up with extra cash. Here are 7 things you can sell for extra cash — cash that can bring you that much closer to being debt free!

  1. Books and movies. These are highly portable and easy to mail, which means that they’re also relatively easy to sell and make extra cash from, even to people outside of your own area.
  2. “Big boy” toys. These are things like ATVs, dirt bikes, boats, and campers, along with extra cars, trucks, and motorcycles. Recreational vehicles are great when you have the time and money to enjoy them, but a drain on your finances when you don’t. Eliminate the drain (extra insurance, maintenance, repairs, and gas) while you bring in some extra cash at the same time.
  3. Collectibles. Maybe that box of stamps that your uncle gave you 20 years ago is worth something now. Or maybe you’ve got other collectible goodies stashed away in the attic or basement. If they haven’t seen the light of day in years, you’re not actually enjoying those collectibles anyway. So why not turn them into extra cash?
  4. Musical instruments. Is your teenager’s trombone from 4th grade still tucked away in a closet? Or what about that old guitar you meant to learn to play but never did? Musical instruments can be relatively easy to sell.
  5. Designer handbags. Designer bags that are still in style can bring some quick cash, especially if you have all of the materials that help prove they are authentic.
  6. Gold. You may have noticed that gold prices are still through the roof. If you have gold jewelry or coins, it’s simple to turn them into extra cash. Just be sure you understand the value of what you have so you get what it’s worth.
  7. Everything in your storage unit. Unless you’re in the process of moving right now, paying for a storage unit means you’ve got things that you aren’t using. No matter what’s in there, you clearly don’t use it very often, if at all. In fact, you may not even remember what’s in your storage unit. That’s just what happens when things get tucked away for an extended period of time. But sell those items for extra cash (even if it’s for pennies on the dollar) and not only will you have a little more money upfront, you’ll have more money every month to come — because you won’t be out the monthly rent for the storage unit.

What else could you sell that you have laying around the house? Turn those unused items into cash you can actually use, and clear up space in the process.

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