The Best Personal Finance Apps for Mastering Your Money

By Jackie Beck   Updated 11/18/2021 at 3:56 pm

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These are the best personal finance apps — financial apps for tracking spending and a whole lot more.

These can help you budget, save for the future, get out of debt, and invest. Taking care of your finances doesn’t have to feel impossible!

Let these apps can save you time and money. Why not spend less time figuring how to make ends meet and more time enjoying life?

So, here we go with the overview of top finance apps! (Note that prices were accurate as of the time of this writing; double-check for current pricing.)

Best Apps for Reducing Debt & Monitoring Credit Scores

Can you imagine a life without monthly debt payments? You can experience that dream sooner with these apps for reducing debt and monitoring your credit score.

Pay Off Debt by Jackie Beck

Pay Off Debt by Jackie Beck icon
The key to getting out of debt is making extra payments whenever possible. Repaying your loans early can save you hundreds (even thousands and thousands!) of dollars in interest charges.

But do you know which loan should receive the extra payment first? Pay Off Debt helps you make a plan to become debt-free. No two people have the same debt situation and this app presents several different repayment plans. You can pick the best repayment plan that you’re most likely to stick with, and then track your progress as you put it into effect.

Price: $4.99
How they make money: One-time fee. (No in-app ads, no selling you anything, and no sharing information.)
Available for: iOS
Where to find it: Learn more & get Pay Off Debt by Jackie Beck here.

Credit Karma

Credit Karma icon
Lenders and credit card companies will report your monthly payments to the various credit bureaus. Each payment and credit line paid on time can increase your credit score.

Credit Karma updates your Equifax and TransUnion credit reports weekly and shows you your scores as calculated using VantageScore 3.0. It’s free to use and checking your VantageScore like this does not impact your credit scores.

You can read a more detailed Credit Karma review here, but here’s the short version: This personal finance app is a free way to monitor your credit reports for debt payoff progress, potential fraud, and reporting errors, but you will receive offers to apply for loans and credit cards. You are never required to apply for a new financial product.

Price: Free
How they make money: By suggesting products to you based on your credit profile.
Available for: iOS, Android, Web
Where to find it: Learn more & get Credit Karma here.

Credit Sesame

Credit Sesame icon
Credit Sesame provides free credit scores (pulled from TransUnion monthly), real-time credit monitoring alerts so you’ll know when changes are made to your TransUnion credit report, and identity theft protection.

To take advantage of the identity theft protection, which provides $50,000 identify theft insurance and live support to guide you through the steps of identity restoration if your identity gets stolen, all you need to do is turn on the free Credit Monitoring feature.

Price: Free
How they make money: By suggesting products and services to you.
Available for: iOS, Android, Web
Where to find it: Learn more & get Credit Sesame here.

Best Budget Apps

These budgeting apps can help you spend less than you earn. You can also use them to create spending plans and savings goals that help you give a purpose to each dollar.

You Need a Budget (YNAB)

YNAB icon
Free budgeting apps are good for tracking spending and making a basic budget. But if you need step-by-step help to make a money plan, YNAB is one of the best premium budgeting apps. Their goal is to help you pay this month’s bills on last month’s income and stop living paycheck to paycheck. You can track your progress in real-time on the various computer, mobile, and smartwatch apps. YNAB also offers free weekly video workshops and plenty of how-tos.

People get really passionate about YNAB. This comment from Reddit user UndiscerningBay pretty much sums it up: “YNAB was like a brutal spiritual journey where I had to confront my own consumerism and come to terms with the idea that desire is infinite and will never be satiated no matter what I bought, but my bank accounts are most definitely finite. It sucked. But now I’m debt free and have a six month buffer and am saving for a house. YNAB will make me rich, someday.”

Price: 34-day free trial, then $87 per year. Free for students for 1 year.
How they make money: Subscription model.
Available for: iOS, Android, Web, Alexa
Where to find it: Learn more & get YNAB here.


Tiller logo
Spreadsheet junkies will love Tiller. Their beautiful seven pre-made templates automatically upload your daily transactions into Google Sheets and Excel. Some of the current templates include a weekly expense tracker, monthly tracker, and a debt snowball spreadsheet. You can also build your own custom template to match your unique budgeting needs.

Price: 30-day free trial then $59 per year.
How they make money: Subscription model.
Available for: Web
Where to find it: Learn more & get Tiller here.


Ask Trim logo
Trim is a free app that tracks your spending and lets you create a basic budget. Besides creating a spending plan, a better reason to consider Trim is their money-saving tools. They will cancel your unwanted subscriptions for free with an SMS or Facebook message. Their bill negotiation tool attempts to lower your cable, phone, or internet bill by applying the service provider’s best promotions. If successful, Trim keeps 25% of the annual savings but this is still an effortless way to reduce your monthly spending.

Price: Free to sign up and to use some features. (Other features, such as bill negotiation, debt payoff, & savings are paid.)
How they make money: Paid features and by referring customers to third parties.
Available for: Web
Where to find it: Learn more & get Trim here.

Best Savings App


Digit icon
Digit analyzes your spending habits and withdraws spare change from your bank account into an FDIC-insured savings account. They even give you a 1% savings bonus every three months.

While you won’t be able to retire on your Digit savings, these micro-savings can accumulate quickly. If you want to remove the temptation of spending your spare cash, this is an effortless way to increase your savings (and a great way to painlessly build up an emergency fund or save up for an awesome vacation.)

Read this full Digit review to learn more about how this app helps you save money.

Price: Free for the first 30 days then $5 per month
How they make money: Subscription model.
Available for: Text, iOS, Android, and Web
Where to find it: Learn more & get Digit here.

Best Investing Apps

Personal finance apps are not limited to only helping you make budgets and getting out of debt. If you haven’t started investing yet, these apps can help you make regular contributions.


Acrons icon
Acorns is a micro-investing app that rounds up your purchase totals to the next dollar and invests the spare change.  For example, Acorns rounds a $4.33 purchase to $5.00 and invests 77 cents into the index ETF of your choice. You can also invest cash back rewards you earn from select online shopping partners.

Because investments can lose money if they decline or lose value completely, you might only decide to use this app if you are comfortable with the additional risk.

Acorns offers taxable investment accounts ($1 a month) and tax-advantaged IRA retirement accounts ($2 a month). You can also open an online checking with access to the taxable and retirement accounts for $3 a month.

Price: $1-$3 per month
How they make money: Subscription model.
Available for: iOS and Android
Where to find it: Learn more & get Acorns here.


Betterment logo
This might be one of the easiest ways to start investing outside your 401k as you only need $1 to make your first investment. Investors of any experience level can enjoy the automated investing strategy in index funds. Betterment offers taxable brokerage and tax-advantaged IRA accounts. As you near your planned withdrawal dates, Betterment shifts your portfolio to a more conservative allocation to reduce your downside risk.

Price: 0.25% annually (billed monthly) of your account balance for their no-minimum service
How they make money: Percentage-based fees.
Available for: iOS, Android, Web
Where to find it: Learn more & get Betterment here.

The best personal finance apps make your life easier

No matter how comfortable you are managing your money, the best personal finance apps make your life easier. All of us have different financial goals and there is a good chance that you can benefit from one of these apps.

Which of these app are you going to try first? Please tell us why.

Or do you have another favorite? Let us know that too! Don’t forget to save them to Pinterest so you can try out more later :)

Best personal finance apps for mastering your money

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