How We Paid Off Our $195,000 Mortgage in 4 Years

Wow, if they can do it maybe I can too! How this family paid off their $195,000 mortgage in 4 years.Last month, we paid off the $195,000 mortgage on our dream home.

After 4 years of focus and partnership with my wife Nicole, we’re now completely debt free and thrilled about the future ahead of us.

To help our two young children remember this family tree-changing moment in our lives, we decided to celebrate with them.

Instead of just burning the mortgage and tipping back a few glasses of champagne (which we did too), my wife came up with a completely original idea: “The Mortgage Pinata”.
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I Was Tired of Failed New Year’s Resolutions, So I Paid Off $58K

Leslie was SICK of being stressed out by debt. Check out how she turned things around and paid off over $58,000!For me, every year’s New Year’s resolution was to get my debt situation under control. But it would never last.

That’s how Leslie Walsh, then age 47, felt year after year.

New year, new you, right? Except when it doesn’t turn out that way…

She adds:

As my children grew older, expenses that I thought would go away (child care, braces, etc) just morphed into different expenses.

I was scared, and lost a lot of sleep worrying about my family’s debt situation. Especially with college looming out there for my two kids.

I felt desperate almost all of the time. Sometimes I would actually cry.

As the year would proceed and my New Year’s resolution would fail, I would feel terrible about myself. It felt like I couldn’t breathe on a regular basis.

That was her life two years ago.

Leslie was struggling with debt and budgeting, just like so many people do right now.

She was anxious and tired of those failed New Year’s resolutions. Tired of being in debt, and the accompanying stress.

That’s when she ran across a spark of hope in a Costco Connection article that talked about my own debt free story. (I’ve also been there and done that, having paid off over $147K to become completely debt free.)
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How We Paid Off $17,000+ in Student Loan Debt in 54 Days

Money can be emotional. Few experiences compare to the joys of earning a long-awaited promotion or receiving a raise. Sometimes those experiences teach us that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. I learned this lesson the hard way.

In June 2015, I earned a promotion as a public school administrator. Two weeks later, my wife, Megan, secured a new job as a teacher in the same school district. Our new jobs came with significant raises. I thought we had it made.

Before starting our new jobs, my wife and I celebrated with a vacation and spent a week basking in glory. Life finally seemed perfect.
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Getting Debt Free for the Sake of the Kids: Greg & Holly’s Adventure Beyond Normal

Getting out of debt for the sake of the kids: Greg & Holly's adventure beyond normal.

Have you ever asked yourself what normal is?

Lots of things are normal, right? I could write a long list of things that are normal and so could you!

But what about debt? Would that be on your list?

Well, when it comes to America, sadly, debt is normal!

How normal? I did a search on Google for “credit card debt” and this is what showed up:

What I discovered: In America, Debt = Normal

When it comes to America, sadly, debt is normal!
How normal? I did a search on Google for credit card debt and this is what showed up.

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