From Being a Slave to VISA to Paying Off $14K in Credit Card Debt

A re-habbed spendaholic, The Happy Homeowner began blogging as a way to stay accountable and to chronicle her quest for financial freedom. From paying off credit cards to the tune of over $14,000 in one year to purchasing her own condo in the expensive Boston real estate market (on her own!), she shares her financial ramblings, musings, and fabulously frugal ideas.

For years I found myself living quite the charmed life: fantastic meals in expensive restaurants, trips to exotic locales, new clothes or shoes when I wanted them, etc, etc, etc. I was a veritable spending machine, and I often was peppered with comments such as, “I love that dress!” and “I’ve never seen you wear the same thing twice!” On the surface, I was a well put-together, fun-loving twenty-something who lived life to the fullest.
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