11 Simple Ways of Making Extra Cash Without Getting a Second Job

By Jackie Beck   Updated 07/13/2019 at 12:22 pm

Quick ways of making a little bit of extra moneyFinding ways of making extra cash probably sounds good, especially when you’re getting out of debt. Every little bit you make is that much more you have available to knock out debt.

But how do you go about making some extra money?

Here are 11 simple ways of making extra cash when you need the occasional boost — without getting a second job.

1. Babysit

Gone are the days of getting paid $1 or $2 an hour for babysitting — according to Sitter City the average rate for a college age sitter is $10-$12 per hour. It’d probably be more in high-cost-of-living areas or if you’re past college age.

2. Pet sit (or walk dogs)

This is best done with animals that you know already, but if your friends call you Dr. Doolittle you may want to look into branching out to caring for other people’s pets as well. Imagine getting paid to watch dogs in your home, take them for walks, etc. You can post on your neighborhood Facebook group to get customers, or use sites like Rover to do so.

3. Do yard work

This could include mowing lawns, pulling weeds, trimming shrubs, raking leaves, shoveling snow, and picking up after dogs. Basically, any yard tasks that people aren’t typically thrilled to do can be great ways of making extra cash. As a bonus, they may not require any start up costs, because you can likely use the homeowner’s tools or those you already own. Again, let friends and neighbors know you’re available to get your first customers.

4. Housesit

This is especially good if you live in a resort town or an area with winter visitors, because they need people to check in on their property during the months when it’s unoccupied. It can require anything from picking up mail & newspapers for vacationers, to watering plants and checking for damage after storms. Most people are happy to pay a few bucks for some peace of mind.

5. Re-sell brand name baby clothes & related items

If you’ve got a little more time on your hands and enjoy the hunt, scouting garage sales for baby items that are in good condition can bring decent profits. The idea is simple: buy low, sell higher. You can sell your finds on eBay or drop them off at local resale shops & let them do the work.

6. Tutor

Have a college degree or are especially good at a particular subject? Chances are there’s someone out there who could use your help. Check with area schools to see if they ever recommend tutors, or post notices online. Large tutoring companies are always looking for new recruits as well.

7. Recycle

While you won’t bring in a lot of cash doing this (unless you luck into some copper that someone wants to dispose of) you can generate a small amount of income while making the world a better place. It’s also a great way to get kids on board with finding ways to earn money.

8. Clean

As long as there are people that hate cleaning, there will be opportunity here. Clean houses for individuals, or join a service that cleans office buildings at night — they’re almost always hiring, and they usually don’t mind giving just a few hours a week.

9. Sell concessions at events

Live near a stadium or ballpark? Check with them to see if they’re in need of help. As a bonus, if you find yourself selling pop at a football stadium, you’ll soon find yourself in better shape as well. There’s nothing like going up & down stadium steps with an armload of drinks to tone the legs and improve your cardio.

10. Get back to the farm

If you live near anywhere crops are grown, there is almost always seasonal work to be had. This can include detassling corn, picking berries, and more.

11. Freelance

Writing, editing, web design, graphic design, coding, & more are all things that you can do from home as a freelancer if you know how. For example, many websites are looking for staff writers to produce extra content. Join online and in-person communities in your area of expertise to find folks that might be interested.

Want a WHOLE lot more ideas on ways of making extra cash? Check out my idea book, 101 Ways to Make Extra Money in Your Spare Time, for a much longer list.

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