The Surprising Truth Behind Debt Reduction & How to Get Started

By Jackie Beck   Updated 05/10/2021 at 8:23 am

Ready to start your debt payoff race? Here’s a surprising truth about that: It doesn’t start where you might think.

Ask someone how to get out of debt, and most people will start by telling you to make a list of your debts.

That makes sense, because it’s the first step in using the debt snowball method (an awesome way to get out of debt), but that’s NOT the starting point.

Where you REALLY need to start

The real race starts with two things: a deeply-felt desire to be out of debt (your true motivation) and a critical behavior change. What’s that behavior change?

It’s something that’s simple to say but often hard to do: you’ve got to stop using debt.

That means no borrowing for emergencies, or inconveniences like your car breaking down. (And believe me, you’ll be tested.) I

It means no borrowing because you forgot you needed to buy a birthday gift and the party is today, even if you don’t have any money left to buy a gift.

It means changing the way you’re used to doing things, and the way you think. You can’t keep telling yourself that “next time” you’ll do better.

Next time is now

If you really want to win the debt reduction race, the surprising truth is that next time is now. You’ve got to start changing now.

I won’t lie to you. It’s hard to change a deeply-entrenched habit. But it’s absolutely possible, especially if you really want a different life. When you first start saying “no” to the debt lifestyle, it might feel like one thing after another goes wrong, and like you “never” have the money to fix stuff.

But that’s NOT because you’re getting out of debt.

It’s been happening all along. The only difference is that you were digging yourself in deeper and deeper before, and now you’ve stopped.

It will feel like things have gotten worse, but the minute you say to yourself “No, I’m not going to wait until next time to stop borrowing money” or “No, this is NOT an exception” is the minute you start down the path to freedom.

You’ve just pulled off the blindfold — the one that said everything was just fine — and taken a look at reality.

This isn’t permanent

The thing to remember is that “no, I can’t afford that right now” does have a “right now” at the end of the sentence. You WILL get out of debt and be able to afford things. You’ll probably even be able to afford more than you ever could before.

And let me tell you, it is AWESOME to go buy stuff because you want to, without a side helping of guilt, and without crippling your financial future.

That’s what debt reduction (and then elimination!) is all about in the end: living a life of financial abundance. You can totally do it.

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The surprising truth behind debt reduction

2 thoughts on “The Surprising Truth Behind Debt Reduction & How to Get Started

  1. I love the feeling of being able to buy something w/o feeling guilt. If I know I saved and worked hard for it w/o further consequences, I’d feel better buying it!

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