I Was Tired of Failed New Year’s Resolutions, So I Paid Off $58K

By Jackie Beck   Updated 05/05/2021 at 4:11 pm

For me, every year’s New Year’s resolution was to get my debt situation under control. But it would never last.

That’s how Leslie Walsh, then age 47, felt year after year.

New year, new you, right? Except when it doesn’t turn out that way…

She adds:

As my children grew older, expenses that I thought would go away (child care, braces, etc) just morphed into different expenses.

I was scared, and lost a lot of sleep worrying about my family’s debt situation. Especially with college looming out there for my two kids.

I felt desperate almost all of the time. Sometimes I would actually cry.

As the year would proceed and my New Year’s resolution would fail, I would feel terrible about myself. It felt like I couldn’t breathe on a regular basis.

That was her life two years ago.

Leslie was struggling with debt and budgeting, just like so many people do right now.

She was anxious and tired of those failed New Year’s resolutions. Tired of being in debt, and the accompanying stress.

That’s when she ran across a spark of hope in a Costco Connection article that talked about my own debt free story. (I’ve also been there and done that, having paid off over $147K to become completely debt free.)

“It was as though at that moment I knew I had to change my life,” Leslie said. “That article made me feel like maybe I could actually do this.”

And so she reached out to me the very next day.

Since then, she’s paid off $58,243 in debt!

That’s one credit line, 3 store credit cards, 2 major credit cards and one car.

Yup, she’s driving around town in a paid off car.

She’s escaped that vicious cycle of debt!

How? She got the support she needed.

She got the support she needed — and a completely doable plan for her money — instead of spending yet another year feeling terrible about herself.

Here’s what her life looks like now, just two years later:

I love to vacation. I always justified going on vacation and charging up a storm to make it happen. But no more.

Last year for Christmas I gave my husband and kids a fabulous all-inclusive vacation to the Dominican Republic. The feeling of finding an amazing deal, and paying for it all up front was total elation.

Our family spent a week last summer making memories and I didn’t have one credit card charge waiting for me when we got home. It was amazing.

Best feeling ever. I’ve learned the sacrifice is worth it. I’ve also learned that so much of the stuff you spend money on isn’t what brings you happiness.

I love it 🙂

Not only has she paid off $58,243 in debt (and counting) she is paying for fantastic family vacations with cash!

There’s nothing quite like a vacation where the bills don’t follow you home. That is a true vacation.

And her credit score is over 800 now.

(It’s a great example of how paying off debt can help improve your score. You can check yours for free using Credit Karma.)

She feels empowered.

She knows that she can do this; that she can get her family completely out of debt while still having the things she wants and needs. On a government worker’s salary, no less.

What changed that enabled her to make so much progress for the first time ever?

“Having a support system is what helped me,” Leslie explains. “Making me accountable to a friend who supports my journey in becoming debt free has been amazing. The Destination Debt Freedom online community keeps me focused and on track.”

“I feel part of something bigger,” she adds, “and its nice to know that there are others out there going through the same thing. I had to get my head out of the sand and take the initiative to make getting out of debt my priority.”

In short, Leslie got the support she needed as a member of the Destination Debt Freedom Community.

Before that, it was too easy for her to permanently “fall off the wagon” because she wasn’t accountable to anyone.

“I think I would feel like I was letting you all down if I didn’t succeed at this,” she says. And so she sticks with it, to her success.

That support enabled her to make major changes to her finances — changes that include budgeting, saving, and a commitment to pay everything on time.

Support + commitment + know-how makes SUCH a difference.

To keep on track, she uses the Pay Off Debt app, where she has her payoff plan set to use the debt snowball.

Leslie says, “The app is helpful because it is a visual aid of my progress. Every month when I pay my bills I can see where I started and how long until I’m debt free. I love it!”

All that adds up to the kind of progress that’s allowed her to pay off $58,243 in debt. I have faith that it’s only a matter of time before she’s done with ALL of her debt too.

Done for good!

Support plus commitment plus know-how really does make such a difference.

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Leslie was SICK of being stressed out by debt. Check out how she turned things around and paid off over $58,000!

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