Undebt.it Review: A Debt Payment Manager Worth Using

By Josh Patoka   Updated 07/20/2022 at 2:20 pm

There are several ways to craft your debt payment strategy. As you’ll see in this review, using a debt payment manager like Undebt.it can be one of your best options for several reasons.

Among other things, you can save time while accurately tracking your accounts and progress. The key takeaway upfront is this: If you’re ready to get serious about paying off debt, Undebt.it is worth using.

Let’s go over it in more detail to show why.

What Is Undebt.it?

Undebt.it launched in 2012 and bills itself as a “free, mobile-friendly debt snowball calculator.” Over 123,000 people currently use it as they pay down $8.8 billion in debt. It’s got rave reviews for sure.

In fact, while Reddit can be hard on products, Reddit user mediocrates_reborn says:

“I like undebt.it because it shows you a realistic way out, taking your actual budget and the interest into account. It makes it a bit easier to see the light at the end of the tunnel and what needs to be done to get it accomplished.”

That sums it up nicely. It’s very flexible too. In fact, it lets you pick from many debt payment plans so you can choose the one that will finally get you out of debt.

Regarding that, Undebt.it creator Jeff Donaldson says the site is “the result of my desire to use a single tool to accomplish the task rather than several mobile apps and spreadsheets.”

And it seems like he has done just that. It’s definitely legit, and you can’t beat the pricing model of free.

The Undebt.it Repayment Plans

One of the best reasons to consider Undebt.it is its seven different repayment plans. These plans are available with the free version, which works well for most on the path to debt freedom.

Few debt payoff tools offer seven different payment strategies. Many offer commons strategies such as the debt snowball or debt avalanche, but others don’t have the advanced methods you will see below.

Each strategy has you make the minimum monthly payment but focuses your extra debt budget on one debt.

Here’s a Brief Overview of the Various Undebt.it Payoff Methods.

You can choose from the following methods:

  1. Debt Snowball. Possibly the best-known debt repayment strategy, the Debt Snowball pays off your lowest balance first. You can read in detail about how a debt snowball works here. But in short, it’s an excellent plan to renew that feeling of momentum as you close accounts more often. It’s also the most popular strategy among Undebt.it users.

  2. Debt Avalanche. The debt avalanche pays off the highest interest rate first. This plan can potentially save you the most money and it’s the second-most popular strategy on Undebt.it.

  3. Debt Hybrid (Debt-to-Interest Ratio). The Debt Hybrid plan balances the best parts from the Debt Snowball and Debt Avalanche plans. You will attack high interest rates while maintaining momentum by paying off smaller balances.

  4. Highest Monthly Payment. Paying off the highest monthly payment can be the best way to have more extra cash each month.

  5. Highest Credit Utilization. Do you want to increase your credit score? Paying down your debt balance with the highest credit utilization first can do the trick. You can track your credit score with a free credit score app to monitor your progress.

  6. Highest Monthly Interest Paid. Similar to the debt avalanche, this strategy pays off your debt with the highest interest charges each month. The tool looks at the actual dollar amount of interest instead of the highest interest rate APR.

  7. Custom Plan. You can customize the payoff order by choosing the “lowest number first” or “highest number first.” Making a custom plan can be useful once you get into a debt payment routine and personalizing your plan that is a better fit for your financial situation.

The vast number of choices may sound overwhelming at first. But Undebt.it has a comparison tool to show your total debt costs and debt-free date. This makes it really simple, and can be eye-opening.

How Undebt.it Works

The Undebt.it tools are easy to use. There’s an “Easy Mode” view that makes it a snap for people to set up and use. The Easy Mode view acts like a debt payoff wizard where you can see and interact with everything in one place.

Example of the Easy Mode view in Undebt.it

Once you’ve created your account and added your debt information, it creates a plan for you based on the method you choose. This monthly repayment plan shows you exactly how much money to send to each debt account every month.

You can export your chosen plan to an Excel spreadsheet with a click of the Download Snowball Table button.

Or if you’d rather, you can use the dashboard option to track your progress and make adjustments.

Example of the Undebt.it dashboard

Either way, it works from anywhere you have access to the internet and a browser.

Does Undebt.it Have an App or Link to Your Accounts?

Undebt.it does not have a mobile app, but the site is mobile-friendly and easy to use from your phone or laptop. It’s a web app, in other words. That means you don’t need anything special to use it otherwise, and that’s a good thing.

You can make a short cut to it on your phone and get the same results.

It also doesn’t link to any of your bank accounts. (This means you can’t connect your account like Mint does.) Instead, you must manually enter your payments and transactions. But this can be a good thing. It means you are paying more attention to your money and your progress!

The debt payment tracker also has a nice feature called Debt Snowflakes.

How the Debt Snowflakes Work

Undebt.it lets you adjust your monthly debt payment amount to change up your payoff plan. At times, you may have a one-time cash windfall, such as a tax refund. The debt snowflake tool lets you record things like that as an extra monthly payment.

You can add debt snowflakes when you make extra one-time payments

You can also make negative snowflakes to let the tool know you need to skip your regular debt payment for a month. For example, maybe you need to use the cash for a financial emergency instead.

Additional Features Include Graphs and Charts

Undebt.it also includes graphs that let you view your credit utilization ratio, interest rate and interest charges by specific account.

Here’s an example of the credit utilization and debt distribution charts that are included.

Examples of credit utilization and debt distribution charts

They make it easy to see where you stand based on the info you’ve put in.

Who Should Use Undebt.it?

Undebt.it is great for people wanting to use the debt payment manager and need help making a plan.

The other debt payment strategies can also be worth pursuing if they are a better fit for your goals. For example, maybe you want to see how quickly you can pay off your largest monthly payment to greatly reduce your monthly expenses.

This tool is free yet has many resources which make the tool a budget-friendly and effective use of your time.

Pros and Cons of the Free Undebt.it Version

Usually free debt payoff tools have limited features that almost force you to upgrade to their premium product. That’s not the case here! The free version of Undebt.it is impressive as you can list your accounts, choose your debt payment strategy, and log your monthly payments until you’re debt-free.

A free account includes these features:

  • Add unlimited debt accounts
  • Support for promotional interest rates (i.e., balance transfers)
  • Use any of the 7 payoff plans
  • Compare debt payoff methods
  • Export your chosen payoff plan to Excel

The free plan is good if you mainly want to use or compare one of the seven repayment plans.

Pros of the Free Version

  • Free access to seven debt repayment strategies
  • Can customize your debt payoff plan
  • Can track unlimited debt accounts
  • Mobile-friendly site
  • Customer support, including YouTube videos, FAQs, and a startup guide


  • Must manually enter each monthly payment
  • Free “core” plan has some online ads
  • Payment reminders are exclusive to the premium (Undebt.it+) plan
  • No monthly budget tools unless you use the premium plan and sync with YNAB

We’ll go over the premium version next.

The Undebt.it Premium Version (aka Undebt.it+)

You might upgrade to the premium option if you want advanced budgeting, payment reminders, and motivational tools. It costs $12 per year which is very reasonable for the many extra features.

Being a premium member also means you don’t see advertisements.

Below are some of the key features that you get if you choose to upgrade to the premium version.

Syncs with YNAB

One of the best reasons to upgrade is if you budget using You Need A Budget (YNAB). The YNAB account integration lets you track your bank accounts from Undebt.it.

The Debt Blaster Payoff Method

If you want to reach your debt-free date sooner than the seven repayment strategies predict, try out the Debt Blaster tool.

The Undebt.it Debt Blaster Payoff Method example

The Debt Blaster increases your extra debt payment on the first day each month. You can increase your payments by a specific dollar amount or percentage.

For example, if you commit to an extra $10 per month, you might pay $100 this month, $110 next month and $120 the month after that.

This tool can be useful as you pay off debts so you can use your disposable income for making even larger debt payments.

Debt Payoff Snapshots

Another Undebt.it+ feature you might like are the debt payoff snapshots. You can print or post these graphic designs to maintain your motivation level.

Examples of payoff snapshots

This is a great feature, because motivation matters when you are getting out of debt. The snapshots could help you stick with it.

Payment Reminders & Calendar Integration

You can choose to have the tool text you payment reminders if you like. You pick how far in advance you the messages will be sent for each of the accounts you want to get them for.

It also allows you to sync your payment schedule to Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, iOS, and Outlook. This is a great way to see when you have upcoming bills or debt payments due.

Bill Management

Undebt.it Premium lets you track your non-debt monthly bills such as your phone plan or internet. You can also schedule payment reminders for bills and debts on the site and by syncing your email calendars.

And there’s an extra feature included with the Bill Management section: A 52 Week Savings Challenge. This helps you save more and more over the course of a year. If you want to use it, you just add a new bill and choose the savings challenge as an account type.

Basically, the premium version is chock full of extra features you may want for $12 a year. But no matter which version you prefer, the first step is to sign up for a free account.

Ready to Create a Free Account?

Here’s a step-by-step look at what joining Undebt.it looks like.

Create account screenshot It takes minutes to create an account and you get free Undebt.it premium access for 30 days.

Create an Undebt.it Account

It’s easy and free to sign up for Undebt.it. (You can also test drive it by taking a look at their demo account if you’re not sure you want a free account yet.)

If you are ready to sign up, start by entering your name, email, and your total monthly budget. In this case, your total monthly budget is really your debt budget. That’s your minimum monthly debt payments plus any extra you can afford to send to debt on a monthly basis.

All new members get 30 days of free premium access to Undebt.it+. If you decide to remain a premium member, you pay $12 per year.

You can also sign up with Google, Facebook or Twitter.

Add Your Debt Accounts

The second step is adding your current loan and credit card debts.

You can add unlimited loan and credit card debts.

There is no limit to how many debts you can add. Unlimited accounts are nice if you have a lot of small loans to repay.

You can add these details to each account:

  • Account name
  • Account type (i.e., credit card, student loan, medical bill, etc.)
  • Current balance
  • Minimum monthly payment
  • Interest rate
  • Promotional interest rate (if any)

Undebt.it uses this information and the total amount of cash you commit to each month to create your debt payoff plans.

Next, Compare Plans & Choose Your Debt Payoff Plan

After adding all of your debts, you can create a debt payment plan. The Debt Snowball is the default option, but you can compare the total loan costs and estimated payoff debt for each plan.

Compare your total loan costs for each debt payment strategy at one place.

You can switch plans at any time. And you can adjust your monthly contribution on your account dashboard as your finances change.

Record Monthly Payments

You will see due dates for each monthly debt payment on the dashboard. You can also go to the debt account manager section to get an in-depth look.

Record your monthly payments to track your monthly progress.

Undebt.it doesn’t sync with your debt accounts so it’s up to you to record payments each month. It only takes a few seconds to record your payment.

Does Undebt.it Have Any Promo Codes?

Undebt.it does usually have promo codes for the premium version. Tip: As of the time of this writing you can use promo code TAKE25OFF to get a 25% discount for Undebt.it+. They also sometimes post codes with a bigger discount on their Twitter or Facebook pages. You may want to check there too if you are looking to upgrade.

The Bottom Line

Undebt.it is one of the better debt payment managers because of its low-cost and multiple debt payment strategies you can follow. You will prefer a different tool that syncs with your debt accounts if you don’t want to update your accounts each month manually. But for most people, Undebt.it makes it easier to become debt-free.

Are you going to try it out? What’s your favorite debt payment strategy?

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