Free Debt Snowball Calculator That’s a Snap To Use

By Jackie Beck   Updated 05/20/2021 at 9:26 am

This free debt snowball calculator is a snap to use. It will show you a few different things, depending on how you use it.

To use the snowball calculator below:

  1. Set “Start Payoff with” to Debt with the smallest balance
  2. Enter your info in the credit card debt, additional credit cards, auto loan debt, and other loans & installment debt sections
  3. Click Calculate.

By default, it will show you how many months you have to reach debt freedom. You can also change it to calculate how much extra you’d need to send each month in order to be debt free within a certain amount of time.

The Debt Snowball Calculator

You can expand the Total Interest Payments part to see how much you’ll pay in interest with and without the debt snowball method. You can also click View Report to see your info in a report format. Then you can print or save it from there.

Other Calculators That Can Help

If you’d like one you can use right on your phone at anytime, check out my Pay Off Debt snowball app. It’s super handy because it doesn’t just give you a one-time look at things. You can track your progress as you go and stay motivated!

If you’re looking for a debt snowball spreadsheet template for Google Sheets, there are a couple of great options: I’m an affiliate for Tiller Money, who offers a free one. You can also use and export a spreadsheet from there.

Why Use a Debt Snowball Calculator?

Many people feel like they will never get out of debt, and that there’s no point in even trying. Taking a few minutes to put the debts you want to payoff into a calculator can really help.

Chances are you not only can get out of debt, you can do so a whole lot faster than you might have imagined. It really is worth checking out. And as someone who paid off over $147K in debt myself, I’m here to help you if you have questions along the way.

This free debt snowball calculator is a snap to use. It will show you how quickly you can become debt free, and more!

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