Changing My Debt Story: No One Else Was Going to Fix My Life

By Jackie Beck   Updated 02/14/2022 at 3:40 pm

Many years ago, I was a newly single mom with one young son and a whole lot of debt.

My only paid-for asset was a twelve year old car that I’d just blown the engine on. I worked 20 or so miles from home, and had no way to get there for the foreseeable future.

That’s when it hit me: no one else was going to fix my life.

The vow

It was up to me to fix things, and by God I was going to do it. Starting with my finances.

And I was not going to borrow money to do it.

That vow was the first step toward eventually becoming completely debt free — house and everything — something I never would have believed possible at the time.

But my husband of 10 years and I did exactly that a few years ago.

(You can read our whole debt free story here.)

On the right path

Mom's hand holding toddler's handIt took a whack of the reality stick to put me on the path to change, but staying on that path for the long haul took something else: a strong why.

My why was freedom — something I wanted more than anything debt could ever buy me.

Freedom to keep my son safe and to see him lead a good life of his own. Freedom to spend time with loved ones and to explore this amazing world. Freedom to do work that matters without worrying about making ends meet.

You need a why too.

You need a why too. A why that will give you the strength to get out of debt and stay out for good.

Mine gave me the courage to ask my boss for a raise so I could fix my car, to get a second job to build an emergency fund, and to get creative when things got tougher.

So find your why.

Right now, reach into your heart and find what matters most to you. Really picture it. Imagine what it will mean to turn your why into reality. Then use that vision to fuel your get-out-of-debt journey for the long haul.

It’ll be worth it.

Finally, share your why

As part of the Debt is Not Forever crusade, help inspire others by sharing your why. Doing so will also help you to keep it clearer in your mind when times get tough.

So write out your why and (even better) take a photo of something that shows YOUR reason for getting out of debt. That could be a photo of something that represents freedom, your family, your future, the car you’re paying off so you can drive debt-free, or whatever resonates with you.

Then share it the social media site of your choice using the hashtag #DebtIsNotForever because it will inspire others others and strengthen your own commitment to getting out of debt.

Changing My Debt Story: No One Else Was Going to Fix My Life

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