Free Savings Tracker Printables to Help Reach Your Savings Goals

By Jackie Beck   Updated 05/05/2021 at 8:49 am

Looking to save more money? The free savings tracker printables below can help turn your goal into reality.


Because visual savings trackers help you stay focused and motivated — especially if you keep them somewhere you’ll see and use them on a regular basis.

(There’s a reason big organizations like the United Way use goal thermometers to show progress.)

You can get those benefits too by using one of the free printables below.

Benefits of Tracking Your Savings

The benefits of savings trackers are huge. They can help you:

  • Set a clear savings goal for a particular purpose
  • Break that goal down into manageable parts
  • Measure your progress
  • And stick with it until you reach your goal!

If you’re ready to start tracking your progress, all you need to do is click on the images of the printables you want below. You don’t have to sign up for them or anything — they’ll download automatically.

Then you can open them in a browser, print them out, and start using them to save up! You can put them up on a bulletin board or on the fridge, use them in your bullet journal, you name it.

The Free Visual Savings Tracker Printables:

A quick note first: If you’d like to share these with others that’s great! I only ask that you please pass along the link to this article and not the trackers themselves.

Baby fund savings printableBaby fund savings jar printableBack to school savings tracker printableBar mitzvah savings printableBat mitzvah savings printableFree car fund savings jar printableChristmas fund savings trackerNativity scene Christmas fund printable savings trackerGift-filled sleigh Christmas fund printableChristmas fund savings jar printableDiwali fund savings jarHouse savings tracker printable for down payment with house keychainEmergency fund printable savings trackerEmergency fund printableEmergency fund printable trackerEmergency fund savings tracker gameboard printableEmergency fund savings jar printableHanukkah fund printableHigh Holidays savings fund trackerHome improvement fundQuinceanera fund savings printablePrintable savings tracker gameSavings jar printableSavings goal thermometerCastle vacation fund savings trackerVacation fund printable with suitcase, sunglasses, and cameraVacation fund savings jar printableWedding fund printable with wedding cakeWedding fund savings jar

If you don’t see what you’re looking for, email me with what’s missing, as I will probably make more in the future.

How to Use the Savings Trackers

In most cases, to use them you color in the images based on the percentage you’ve saved up. For example, if you want to save up a thousand dollar emergency fund, color up to the 10% mark once you save $100, to the 20% mark at $200, etc.

For the versions that look like a game board, color in shapes based on the amount saved. The game-like savings trackers each have 72 spaces on their paths. So for example if you’re saving up $5000, you divide that by 72 to get $69.44. Then each time you set aside $69.44, you color in one of the spaces. Repeat until you’ve reached your savings goal!

P.S. I have printable coloring page debt trackers as well, if you’re interested in that too.

Free visual printable savings trackers

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  1. I love the visual aspects of these! So many of us let logic say “I’ll save the same whether I track or not!’ and it’s just not true – we love being reminded of where we’re going. Thanks for sharing!

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