Syncing Across Devices

If your phones or tablets use the same operating system (meaning both are either iPhones/iPads or both are Androids) and are using the same iTunes/Google Play account, then it’s possible to sync the app across devices. Follow the steps below to do so.

  1. Make sure you have the app installed on both devices. (You shouldn’t need to buy it twice since you’re using the same iTunes or Google Play account.)

  2. Go to the device that has the most up-to-date debt information on it. (This is the device you want to send the information from.)

  3. Make sure you’re on the correct device, since you’re going to overwrite any existing debt information that’s on the other device with the debt information on this device.

  4. Open the app and tap Settings.

  5. Tap Upload Snowball.

  6. Wait a minute or so, and then go to the other device.

  7. On that second device (the one you want to send the information to), open the app and tap Settings.

  8. Tap Download Snowball.

  9. Tap Debts on that second device and the updated debt information should be there.

Note: You can also simply use the email feature if you want to keep someone else informed of where things stand.