This Ridiculously Simple Method Can Help You Get Out of Debt

This method is so simple that if I just tell you right out, you'll probably roll your eyes and move on. But you shouldn't.I’m about to tell you something REALLY simple that can totally change your life.

It’s so simple that if I just tell you right out, you’ll probably roll your eyes and move on. But you shouldn’t.

So let me tell you a quick story first to set the stage…

I used to be a financial mess.

For years, I struggled to make ends meet. To pay off debt. To even just get my finances in some semblance of order.

Then I got divorced, and soon I was facing a job loss too. Things got worse. Basically, I was a mess.

I realized I’d better get my financial act together for my own sake and my son.

You know what happened? I started to actually focus on my money. I made it a priority instead of a wish.

And THAT made all the difference.

I was able to do a complete turnaround with my finances. (See our story here.)
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Do These Two Things to Get Out of Debt

If you want to get out of debt, you've got to do these two things.When you first decide to get out of debt, it’s common to spend a bunch of time analyzing your debts and trying to figure out the “best” way to pay them off.

Should you pay a little bit extra to each one every month? Should you focus on just one with the debt snowball method? Use a debt avalanche? Reduce your interest rates?

But there are two things that matter a whole lot more that you’ve got to do if you want to get out of debt and stay out. (One’s something critical that so many people forget to even think about, let alone do.) Ready for them?
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